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Drive by dooring! - artist who eat oatmeal
Drive by dooring!

See and You Shall Find
Limited edition print (3 plus 1 artist's proof)

I told a fellow classmate about See and You Shall Find being near her home in Scotts Valley, California, so she went to see it.

It wasn't there.

I drove by to check it out (it was part of a public arts program by the Arts Commission of Scotts Valley, and my artwork was printed onto a utility box at a busy intersection of the city), wondering if maybe it had been the target of vandalism or something (you never know who might have a thing against koi).

It really wasn't there.

None of the art that had been awarded places along the busy street was there! Well, one on the very end of the street. But all the others had been removed--and in their places were doors.

I guess the utility boxes had been upgraded. Remodeled, as it were.

Ah, well. See and You Shall Find shared its time in the public view and I'm grateful (so were many people who wrote and told me how much they enjoyed seeing it on their commute). It was supposed to be displayed for two years (2006-2008) so it's not like this was unexpected.

I offer a print in both of my shops, but I'm promoting Etsy a bit these days as I switch it over to limited edition prints (free shipping!) and cards.

Invite Beauty,


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