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Escaping the cageless cage - artist who eat oatmeal
Escaping the cageless cage

The Mynah Escapes, limited edition print (5)
Two (2) remaining!

Part of my web site redesign was reorganizing how I offer my artwork to new and seasoned collectors.

In my shop hosted by eBay, I'll be offering all artwork that's available online (Original Finger Paintings, limited edition prints, and collectible greeting cards).

For my shop hosted by Etsy, I'm concentrating on limited edition prints and collectible greeting cards only (well, there's the ever-popular open edition print of Portrait of a Hippo that I love).

It's a strange world we live in, where we often get what we expect but don't know how we got it.

I think it's partially an issue of responsibility (what role have we played in getting or not getting what we want) and as a friend of mine would say, "knowing that you have options"--or having awareness, in other words. You can't be responsible for your role in something if you don't know or acknowledge that you have a role in it, right?

It's like getting marked wrong for a misspelling and chastised for not looking the word up in the dictionary. Oh, vicious cycle: How were you supposed to know you needed to look up the word in the first place, if you thought you were spelling it right?

My point is that if you notice something's not working the way you want it to work, don't blame it and for goodness' sake, don't do whatever you're doing harder. The tried-and-true definition for insanity is "doing something again and again, but expecting different results."

Once you're willing to break patterns--once you allow yourself to see the patterns that could use some altering and understand how ("why" doesn't matter as much, but it could be enlightening) you might have kept a bad thing going--then you've got a chance at accomplishing what you wish to accomplish.

This is what's behind my image, The Mynah Escapes. The cages (patterns, strategies, relationships, etc. that don't bring out the best in us) we live in often don't have doors and if they do, they're rarely locked. We just have to realize it and fly.

Freedom (which can be scary) is breath-taking, empty space; responsibility (to ourselves and others) gives us a place in the great wide open, direction of where to soar.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. You have my gratitude for enriching my life and it is my hope that I have enriched yours.



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